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DREAM CHASER - My Second Solo Album

My second solo album, where I played everything on bass guitars, on top of world-class drum tracks by Gregg Bissonette to play again, Christopher Williams, Joe Babiak, and Walfredo Reyes Jr.

10 bass-heavy songs also feature guest solos by amazing guest musician by Joe Satriani, Wolf Hoffmann, Bruce Kulick, Frank Gambale, Trev Lukather, Andy Timmons, Mattias IA Eklundh, Tim Tucker, Jennifer Batten, and Derek Sherinian.

Dream Chaser Package 

The album is available on CD and now also on vinyl. I'm currently also offering a special package which was previously reserved for my crowdfunding supporters: get your own personalized t-shirt with your name and tell the world you're a Dream Chaser too!

All albums are signed and made out to you, and you can choose to get the shirt with your name, someone else' name,  or none. You'll be able to add the name you want me to use in the order field.

Also, if you've recently purchased my set of an autograph card and picks, I sent you an email with a coupon code. Please enter it here and click "apply coupon" before choosing your product:

Dream Chaser
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Dream Chaser has also been released digitally and is available on all major streaming services. The biggest ones are accessible through this Hearnow link, or by visiting your favorite streaming service and searching for "Martin Motnik - Dream Chaser".

BASS INVADER My First Solo Album, now as remastered Digipak and on Vinyl!

Martin Motnik with Gregg Bissonette - Bass Invader


My solo debut, with Gregg Bissonette on drums. A very versatile instrumental album, from latin sytle to a shredding Racer X cover. Bonus track for Rush-fans: YYZ featuring MATTIAS "IA" EKLUNDH.

Now as a remastered version in a 6-panel Digipack and on 180g vinyl! It never sounded this good! Choose one, or take both!

Bass Invader
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You want to save the environment AND get the music instantly?

MP3 Version: Martin Motnik with Gregg Bissonette - Bass Invader- $8.90
Download link for the whole CD in MP3 (DRM free) including high resolution artwork



Problem Solvers

Little Life Hacks For Bass Players

Here I’m sharing solutions to problems I’ve encountered over the years of playing. This section will be expanded on an ongoing basis.

Martin Motnik’s Kwik Picks

I prefer fingerstyle playing, but sometimes a song – or a part of a song – calls to be played with a pick. I came up with the following solution: place a strip of self-adhesive hook-and-loop (also known as “Velcro®”) tape – the soft side – into the upper cutaway of your instrument. Take your favorite type of pick and place a round piece of the scratchy side on it (do it to a couple of picks so you have a backup). Place them onto the soft strip and Voila! you’ll always have a pick handy! You can grab it in a fraction of a second during a song and put it back just as fast. If you drop it you’ll have spares, but it will rarely happen because the dot gives you additional grip.

Kwik Pick applied

Very easy to do, but if you rather don’t want to go through the hassle of finding and cutting the right sizes of tapes and dots, I have sets of six picks for sale. Just PayPal me $10 and I’ll send you a package ready to be applied on your favorite instrument. Very useful for guitar players too, so make sure you tell your axe slinger about it.

Kwik Pick package

Installation Video: